I started a blog a little while ago but never kept up with it. I have been reading my cousin D’s blog for quite a while now and I love the little things she does on a weekly basis. I am using her as my inspiration to get mine started again. There are a few projects that she is doing and I think I want to get them going as well. When I look back on this a few years from now it will have detailed the things I will have done with my little ones.

So as my first post this is not very interesting but I am going to do some searching and join up with some things that D is doing ;).

2 responses to “Inspiration

  1. I will tag you on the latest meme I got today when I have completed it. Gallery on a Wednesday 366 on a Sunday silent Sunday on a Sunday:) and satcap on a sat. Oh And pinaddicts on first Monday of the month. You need to delete the welcome post:)

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